Logjam Espresso subscriptions offer a monthly mix of our single origin and blend espresso beans. On constant rotation is our "Knock 'em Dead" blend that's full of those brown sugar, citrus and vanilla vibes we all love in a well-balanced espresso. We will also be offering new and interesting single origin espressos to keep things funky.



A mix of our single-origin espresso roasts. Please note if you are ordering a large quantity of bags there will be duplicates of the varieties. 

Minimum of 2 bags/month for subscriptions

WHO / Anyone who loves really great locally roasted espresso. 

WHAT / A selection of our favorite espressos that month, delivered to your door, FREE (within Canada)

WHEN / Delivered the first week of each month. (If you order past the last day of the month your order will be included in the following months delivery)

Is this a long term relationship? We hope so, but if you need to cancel just let us know 2 weeks in advance. Then we'll both be free to see other people.  xoxo


Casual: 2 bags/month

Daily: 4 bags/month

Addict: 6-8 bags/month


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