PERU - El Gran Mirador Women’s Co-op

PERU - El Gran Mirador Women’s Co-op


Roast - Light

Brew Method - Any

Process - Washed

Elevation - 1500m - 1800m

Origin -Distrito de Chirinos, Provincia San Ignacio, Cajamarca

Varietal - caturra, catuai, typica, bourbon & geisha

NOTES - Dark Chocolate / Red Berry

A new coffee at Logjam, this one has been really well received. We have been using it as espresso at the shop as well as filter for batch brew. Smooth, with dark cacao notes and sweet berry notes, with a great juicy body. 

M’Coffee emerged in 2020, with the idea of creating a brand of coffee that supports Women producers and creates a sustainable income for their families.

They fought against gender inequality that reduces their access to education, health, property, and to obtain the same opportunities as men to develop and enhance their physical, economic and decision-making autonomy.

The 56 women have 43 plots certified with organic seals and Rainforest producing an estimated volume of 1,950 quintals of coffee certified parchment. In this way they are achieving the dignity of their work in the field.




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